Modern Architecture


I have been involved in the building industry as a draughtsman, designer, project manager, general manager, and consultant for over 35 years!
In that time, I have witnessed and experienced the transition from manual drafting to Computer Aided Design (CAD) to 3D modelling and Building Information Management (BIM).
I have always had a passion for creative design and the design process, from initial sketching of the ideas through to the 3D visualisation and detailed coordination now possible way before a builder gets to the site.
I believe that design is intuitive, and the trick is to put on paper what the client sees in their head.
Bad design is lazy design, there is no excuse for getting it wrong. There is a world of resources and information out there, so that almost anything is possible if you listen and open your eyes. My challenge to myself is to keep learning and discovering and to trust the instinctive part of my brain that tries to push the boundaries, just a little. That is not taught.
I have always wanted to design, and I always will design. My greatest joy is to see my designs become real and bring that same pleasure and pride to others.